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About us: Martin Thompson

About us: Diamond Dust DJ Martin Thompson

Diamond Dust DJ Martin Thompson

Martin began as a DJ in 1975.  Then he became a successful children's entertainer. The show covers the whole of Wales. He's even performing as far as the Isle of Wight.

Afterwards, he started running outdoor events. The roadshow launched in the 1990s. An interesting time.

The outdoor roadshow toured throughout Wales. It even travelled to London.

Martin appeared on television. Multi-coloured Swap Shop and Pobol y Cwm are the most well-known programmes. He is an Equity member.

Volunteering next!  Radio Freeway in 1999. Hospital radio at Morriston Hospital. Martin was famous in the children's wards.


He created Ted's Team. The crew would cheer up the patients. The 'Dr. Ted's' project used magic, balloon modelling and music.

This helps child and teenage patients on the road to recovery. Sadly, the Hospital Radio Station closed in 2017.

Martin went on to education. He now teaches science in schools.

Martin tries to keep up with technology. His team went to Swansea Leisure Centre in 2013.

He saw the Robot Wars exhibition. The event is run by Robots Live. Martin felt sorry for an abandoned wheelchair. It now has a new home.

She became the 8 Foot Robot Cat. Mascot II is the main robot. He is the most predictable. Martin's mix of entertainment and science caught the interest of STEM,

He joined them as a science ambassador.  The robot show was born. All our robots go to the Swansea Science Festival at the National Waterfront Museum.

We look forward to October 2023. It is one of the biggest science festivals in the UK.

Martin continues to DJ. He entertains at parties and weddings!


About us: Corey Perrett

Diamond Dust DJ Corey Perrett

Diamond Dust DJ Corey Perrett

Hi, I’m Corey. I like a lot of Electronic Dance and House music.  But will play all types to keep everyone happy.

I’m enjoying my time with the DJ activities and with the public. I hope to see you soon.


About us: Brendan Dell

DJ Brendan at DJ Diamond Dust

DJ Brendan at DJ Diamond Dust

Brendan's been with us for quite a while. He runs the disco at parties and weddings. Brendan likes working on the robot shows. His favourite is the Swansea Science Festival.


About us: Ioan Merson

DJ Ioan at DJ Diamond Dust

DJ Ioan at DJ Diamond Dust

Ioan is the newest crew member.  He enjoys running the night discos.

How did Diamond Dust start?

My DJ career began around 1974. It began in Amman Valley Comprehensive.  School discos at lunch break on Thursdays!

Only spots and footlights for lighting.  We used a Toa mixer amplifier. Borrowing two vinyl turntables from the Form 6 lecture theatre.

Technology has moved on.  LEDs have replaced tungsten projectors and lamps! CDs replacing vinyl records.

Laptops taking over from CDs.  A flight-cased Bose P.A. system replacing our mono value-amp!

Yamaha-powered speakers are the latest addition!

I think that music is the most important factor in events. Requests are a vital part of the disco. Just ask. Tell me your favourite songs. We can tailor the music to your choice.

I am still learning. Discovering new songs for the first time. Re-discovering old ones when people remind me. The choice of songs from children, teenagers and adults keeps me interested in music.

Every gig can bring innovative ideas to the playlist. All you need to do is ask and we will do our best to fit in the tracks you like.


About us: working with Bands and Artistes

I believe that the best night's entertainment for a party is a disco and a band or even an artist. You get the best mixture of live and recorded. A great night with variety and atmosphere.

We backed the wonderful selection choice of bands.

I was the resident DJ at the Civic Hall, Ammanford. That was around 1978. We backed "Krypton Tunes".  Still got their vinyl 45's! We even worked with The Sunsets.  They were Shakin' Steven's band. We supported “Fire Brigade" and "Decade".

In the early years, mobile discos were very rare. Diamond Dust saw lots of clubs. Loads of bands and club artists. These experiences influenced me. Working with and learning from skilful acts. Even television personalities and radio broadcasters.

I’ve worked with Geraint the Snake Man and  January Rees. We’ve performed with Graham R Thomas the Toastmaster and the Clase Silver Crystals Jazz Band.

I am a member of Equity—the union for entertainers and variety club acts. I respect my fellow entertainers. My team always looks forward to supporting other entertainers!

We believe in value for money and care for our customers.

Best Wishes,


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8 Foot Robot Cat - Martin Thompson (@diamonddustweb)

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