DJ’s working with Bands and Artistes

Fonz and the Poet at Aberavon Hotel with DJ Diamond Dust

Fonz and the Poet at Aberavon Hotel with DJ Diamond Dust

I found that probably the best night’s entertainment for a party is a disco and a band or even an artist. You get the best mixture of live and canned music – a great night with variety and atmosphere.

Willy Bear Band with DJ Diamond Dust

Willy Bear Band with DJ Diamond Dust

The bands we have recently backed are:

  • “The Fabulous Voice Tones”, at the Stepney Hotel, Llanelli
  • “Fonz and the Poet”, during New Year’s Eve at the Aberavon Hotel, Port Talbot
  • “Can’t Remember”, at Bonymaen RFC, Swansea

During the early years of Diamond Dust, there were a few mobile discos, many clubs and loads of bands, duos, trios and club artists.

These experiences influenced me in working with and learning from skilful acts, including television personalities and radio broadcasters.

I’ve backed many bands over the years. The most recent was The Riff – absolutely brilliant – one the best nights ever! The first I supported was Picture Frame Seduction. I think they were from Milford Haven, circa 1978, Glanamman Youth Club.

I was resident DJ at the Civic Hall, Ammanford, circa 1978. We backed Krypton Tunes. I still got their vinyl 45’s! We even worked with The Sunsets (Shakin’ Steven’s band), Fire Brigade, Decade.  

I’ve supported many acts:

  • Geraint the Snake Man
  • January Rees
  • Wendy Kane
  • Graham R Thomas (Toastmaster)
  • Many jazz bands including Clase Silver Crystals.

I am a member of Equity, the union for entertainers and variety club acts, and uphold standards and respect my fellow entertainers. My team always looks forward to working with other entertainers!