Meet the team

DJ Martin playing recent music

DJ Martin playing recent music

Martin Thompson

Swansea and Cardiff children’s entertainer, has appeared on television – both national and local, including Noel Edmond’s Multicoloured Swap Shop, Home to Wales (BBC 2), Dinas, Coleg (ITV Wales), Pobol y Cwm (S4C), The Real Merlin (S4C). He is a member of Equity.

Martin qualified as a science teacher in Swansea in 1980, and has youth work experience. He has first aid community first responder training. He has extensive experience in entertainment, particularly with children’s shows.

With the assistance of his trusty robot dog, Mascot, he is able to entertain with games, competitions, quizzes, activities, magic and balloon modelling. He started with discos in the late 1970’s and developed a successful children’s show travelling as far as Aberystwyth, Brecon, Cardiff and the Isle of Wight.

The mid 1980’s to the 1990’s saw the launch of the outdoor roadshow, which has toured most of South Wales, parts of Mid Wales, and as far as London.

During the noughties, he got involved with Radio Freeway, hospital radio at Morriston Hospital. This has led on to entertain the children, whilst collecting record requests from Oakwood Children’s Ward, and Dyfed, Children’s Burns and Plastics Unit. He has been greatly influenced by Robin Williams’ role in the film “Patch Adams”, in helping the healing process and creating Ted’s Team – with laughter being the best medicine.

Martin at Radio Freeway

Martin Thompson and his fellow Radio Freeway members ran regular hospital visits from 1999 to 2016 to the Children’s Ward at Morriston Hospital. This developed further with the creation of ‘Dr Ted’. With the support and help from Radio Freeway, it was one of the most popular high profile projects. It evolved into  ‘Ted’s Team’ – the aim of the project is to provide entertainment and support for children and young people at Morriston Hospital, i.e. Oakwood Ward (children’s unit) and Dyfed ward (children’s burns unit). They went to great lengths to make sure that the children’s wards were always entertained! During a year of study at Oakwood, Martin was able to develop techniques in distraction therapy using a variety of magic props, games and a mixture of toys, music and fun activities. This definitely helped them on to the road to recovery.

This has lead on to work done in the recent times, where Martin has been invited to work more with children that require support in healing and young people with special needs. He has training with nursery nurses, health care professionals, hospital play specialists and consultants. At the end of this, Martin has an NVQ 3 in Early Years Care and Education. He has recently been invited to join an agency who supplies staff for the Education and Social Care sector – this is proving to be very interesting and rewarding. Further recent training has included updating First Aid at Work, Team Teach, Safeguarding, and Manual Handling for Special Needs and Autism Awareness.

Mascot the robot dog, who is over 30 years old, has been a constant companion with Martin Thompson. To keep up with technology, Martin visited a Robot Wars touring show. The result is an original new creation – an Eight Foot Robot Cat! Mascot II is still the main robot as he is the most predictable.

Wedding DJ Ethan Gray at Llanidloes

Wedding DJ Ethan Gray at Llanidloes

Ethan Gray

Ethan joined us in summer of 2015 and has already proved to be a valued member of the team. He has attended and helped run the sound for two outdoor events, a national store promotion, and our annual contribution to Heroes and Legends at Margam Castle, plus two shows at Wyevale – Swansea and Cardiff.

Ethan has travelled far and wide, including Sea Rivers Holiday Park, Borth, near Aberystwyth, a couple of primary school in Swansea, and afternoon wedding function in The Coach House, Glyn Clydach and even a few children’s birthday parties in homes in Carmarthenshire and the Darren Valley, Merthyr.

The most recent store promotion, Ethan worked was on the 8 Foot Robot Cat appearance in Maplin Store, Swansea. 

DJ Kelly and DJ Ethan in Carmarthen Outdoor Event

DJ Kelly and DJ Ethan in Carmarthen Outdoor Event

DJ Kelly Jack Roberts running the music at Tonna RFC, Neath

DJ Kelly Jack Roberts running the music at Tonna RFC, Neath

Crew – DJ Diamond Dust – Kelly Jack Roberts

Kelly Jack Roberts

He started with the day in Maplin Electonic Store in Swansea, followed by a school prom in Newport Gwent, an Carnival near Carmarthen and a christening party in Pembroke Dock.

DJ Diamond Dust at Swansea Stadium Christmas Party

DJ Diamond Dust at Swansea Stadium Christmas Party

Tom Hyatt

I’m part of the team and am involved with all aspects of presentation. I became involved with Diamond Dust as a result of being a voluntary member at Morriston Hospital’s Radio Freeway – this is where I met Martin. I was introduced to him by the Radio Freeway Station Manager. The Rest is history.

I will be learning the ropes in becoming a children’s entertainer and DJ. Diamond Dust has an excellent reputation within the field of children’s entertainment. Martin wants to help me develop my stage presentation skills. My ambition is to be a radio presenter. Martin has allowed me to become part of the Diamond Dust team as he wants to give me more job opportunities that involve presenting and broadcasting music to a wide range of audiences.

Outside of Diamond Dust and Radio Freeway, I am a massive fan of Swansea City football club. 

If there is a DJ you need to perform at a party, disco, carnival or anything else, make sure to contact Diamond Dust. Hope to see you in the future.


DJ Diamond Dust - Past Crew - Adam

DJ Diamond Dust – Past Crew – Adam

Adam Court

After a Radio Freeway Roadshow in 1996, for which Martin provided the roadshow stage & equipment; he asked me to help run a disco that night. I agreed, and I’ve worked with him in various capacities ever since.

I’ve presented radio shows on The Wave, Swansea Sound, Valleys Radio, Afan FM and 106.3 Bridge FM; as well as being Group Head of Production for Tindle Radio, and on Afan FM in South Wales.

I still help out at Diamond Dust, although now in more of an advisory capacity.

DJ Diamond Dust - Past Crew - Emrys

DJ Diamond Dust – Past Crew – Emrys

Emrys Thakker

Hello Folks, I’ve been with Diamond Dust for over a decade and have done many shows with Martin.

I remember one of my early gigs with my bleached hair in a cowshed – It wasn’t too pleasant; but we all had to start somewhere! I also used to play the music for the road shows, which I loved doing… I sometimes even went a bit too far with the volume if I like a song that much. We have done gigs all over South Wales … and even in London for the Cartoon Network.

I’ve also involved with Radio Freeway, where I presented for well over eight years now (I feel old). Currently, I help design the Diamond Dust web site and put together all the lovely graphics and layout that you see in front of you. I have designed many sites including my own, which gets over 46,000 people a month visiting, which isn’t bad for a site that was a totally new idea.

Until recently, I was I’m on a Carnival cruise ship in America. It is good fun and something which I never regret doing. The best thing about it is getting to meet so many people from so many different countries around the world – it’s unbelievable!

I’m now living in Chengdu, China, but I do come home to Swansea now and then just to remind myself what the rain and cold is like!

How it all started.

It all started in around 1974 with School discos at Amman Valley Comprehensive School during dinner hour on rainy days, usually on a Thursday!

No disco light, except for the one’s fitted on the stage & footlights. The amp was an Eagle 100 watt, 100 volt  line mixer amp with Garrard  vinyl turntables. The rest is history. We’re still gigging to this day!

Technology has moved on, and we have developed the children’s show, the mobile disco and also the outdoor show with the needs of our customers. We have replaced tungsten projectors with LED lighting, vinyl with CD’s and laptops, and a mono valve amplifier with a flight-cased Bose P.A. system. The theme throughout has always been value for money and care for our customers.