Rock DJ

DJ Mart testing new lighting rig.

DJ Mart testing new lighting rig

We specialise as DJs in rock music events throughout South Wales and Mid Wales. We work together with rock bands. I don’t know everything about this genre, but I able to provide a whole evening’s worth of music to keep you rocking!

 In the early years, we were playing in the Amman Valley. There were very few discos: but quite a few rock’n’roll and rock bands — many people who were into heavy, progressive and metal.

We were often asked to do gigs supporting bands and working in festivals. Most of the venues were out in the country. Some of them were in mansions in West Wales or coastal places including barns and marquees.

On one occasion I had to play in a derelict cottage, surrounded by tents and a massive number of motorbikes. They treated me like royalty!

Over the years, I have learnt a great deal about being a Rock DJ. I’m still learning. Some of our stock of music is traditional 70s and 80s. We would be more than happy to discuss with anyone interested in providing a fantastic night. 

My sound system is professional level, and flight-cased, similar to the way bands set up. The lighting includes par cans and a smoke machine to give atmosphere. Quite a few DJs that have been on the team have been musicians and so have helped develop our playlist.