Children’s Entertainer in Swansea, Cardiff & Carmarthen

Martin Thompson is a children’s entertainer from Swansea. He also works in Cardiff and travels the whole of South Wales for kids’ birthday parties. We can entertain mainstream and special needs. He is a member of Equity. They maintain standards among children’s entertainers throughout Wales and the rest of the UK.

The Robot Dogs are back in Swansea - June 2021.

The Robot Dogs are back in Swansea – June 2021.

8-Foot-Robot-Cat is back in Swansea - June 2021.

8-Foot-Robot-Cat is back in Swansea – June 2021.

It is wonderful news that everything is beginning to open up!
YouTube video of father vs son with the KATT

Parachute games in Swansea

Parachute games in Swansea

Martin entertaining the children in Swansea

Martin entertaining the children in Swansea

DJ Ethan in Cardiff

DJ Ethan in Cardiff

Here is an outline of what the show can include:

Games and more: Includes games and competitions with the whole audience, or activity with selected members of the audience. The party may consist of play-parachute, space hoppers depending on the situation and event.

The Magic Show: Tricks can go wrong, but are ‘put right’ with the help of volunteers. Balloon models are made and presented to the helpers.

Puppets: The children may have a visit from  Audrey the carnivorous plant, Ringo the beetle or perhaps another wildlife puppet.

Mascot the Robot Dog in a Children's Show in Neath

Mascot the Robot Dog in a Children’s Show in Neath

Robots: Our Kids Parties includes Mascot the talking robot dog: Who is brave enough to take Mascot for a walk? Will he behave? 

Disco:  Music and played throughout to maintain the momentum. This will get the children ready for the next part of the show.

Children’s Entertainer, Martin has extensive experience with working with children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Mascot the Robot Dog 2

Mascot the Robot Dog 2

 Equity is one of the world’s most recognised entertainment unions. The aim of the organisation is to support people in the entertainment industry and maintain standards.

The Children’s Entertainment Working Party established a Code of Conduct for Equity Children’s Entertainers. Customers and clients can differentiate between Equity Children’s Entertainers and other part-time amateurs or childminders that dress up. 

Martin is an Equity Children’s Entertainer in Swansea. Ethan assists Martin in the parties and runs the disco.

The show would run smoother by having a responsible adult should be present. The children will learn by example for them to learn how to be an audience.

The staff can concentrate as entertainers, rather than child care. Martin is an Equity Children’s Entertainer in Swansea.  We are expected to be professional, committed to excellent service. We think of entertainment is treated as a career, or a vocation and not a hobby.

We make sure that everything is as safe as possible. We use equipment and props that are professional quality, well maintained and are PAT tested (Portable Appliance Testing Certificate). Martin is a member of Equity and has public liability insurance cover.

If there is a way we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.