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May 26, 2016

During the last day of term, i.e., Thursday 16th July 2015, they had an end of term disco where I was the DJ. Imagine my surprise on the gig, when a television camera crew turned up! The kids loved it!

Martin as "The Real Merlin"

Martin as “The Real Merlin”

Television is not new to me. The most publicised was on was Noel Edmond’s “Multi-coloured Swap Shop”, BBC 1, 1981. That was a live broadcast at Cardiff Castle, with presenters Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin.

Martin on Dinas,S4C

Martin on Dinas,S4C

I have appeared on “All Kinds of Everything” (HTV 1982), “Seal Bay” (BBC 2 1986), “Heno” (S4C 1998), and “The Real Merlin” (Channel 4 1999).

I have made regular television appearances on “Coleg” (S4C 1984 – 1985), “Dinas” (S4C 1989), “Pobol Y Cwm” (BBC Wales 1989 – 2005).

I have even done child well-being duties “Stake Out” (BBC 2008) – On location at Oakwood Park, Pembrokeshire.

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